The OCJ's recent mandate that all administrative matters can only be addressed by audio or video appearance has made it even more difficult for Defence Counsel to address their administrative matters across the various courthouses in the Golden Horseshoe in a timely matter. was established in 2011 to help Defence Counsel move their cases forward while allowing counsel to concentrate on preparation, strategy and pretrial negotiations instead spending hours traveling and lining up in Set Date Courts. Our goal was simple: provide a single, professional, and reliable contact for appearances.

With the switch to video appearances, is going VIRTUAL!

As we have in the past, we will attend virtually on your behalf, eliminating the time and frustration associated with waiting to have your matter addressed.

The process remains the same: submit your instructions by 10pm the night before, and we guarantee coverage the next day.

We have also reduced our fee to $35.00 + HST for virtual appearances.

Setting dates will be offered at an additional fee of $35.00 + HST.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in this new format.

Our services continue to be provided by experienced licensed paralegals under the supervision of the office of John S. Struthers. All of our representatives are bound by a strict service agreement that prohibits any solicitation of your clients.