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Recent courthouse scheduling changes in Ontario have made it increasingly difficult for Defence Counsel to appear on administrative matters across the various GTA courthouses in a timely manner.

Set Date Central was established to help Defence Counsel move their cases forward while allowing counsel to concentrate on preparation, strategy and pretrial negotiations instead of spending hours traveling and lining up in Set Date Courts. Our goal is simple: provide a single, professional, and reliable point of contact for appearances across the ten Greater Toronto courthouses. We have since expanded into the Golden Horseshoe area and now cover 14 courthouses.

Our services in each courthouse are provided by experienced paralegals or junior lawyers supervised by local Senior Counsel. All of our representatives are bound by a strict service agreement that prohibits any solicitation of your clients.

Our services are offered under the supervision of the offices of John S. Struthers, Dennis J. Reeve, Ted C. Yoannou, and R. Graham Zoppi.

To view our representatives, click here. A welcoming letter from John Struthers, click here.
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